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The web is an essentail tool for every business whether its for providing information or pulling in sales your site is often the first point of contact with your market.  


Our online expert researchers can test your web usability and functionality to ensure your online consumer experience is optimised and your leads convert to sales. 


From the interface to the web content and navigation flow to the web design elements - the combined expertise of neuromarket research and usability research will ensure your digital and technological strategy is optimised.




We wanted to see if learner drivers or new drivers would observe a greater portion of information in a web based learner drivers simulation versus the traditional paper and pencil version.


The eye tracking data clearly supported our view that the simulated web based program encouraged learner drivers to take in more information than the 2D image.  The 2D drivers hardly looked at the scene before making a judgement versus the 3D simulation where they looked at multiple points of information before choosing an answer.  Post questioning indicated the 'realism' of the 3D made it more difficult for drivers to answer as there was much more distracting information to consider - much more like a real driving experience.


Our neuro results indicated (not for show here) indicated a broader incorporation of brain function related to navigational functions again confirming our second hypothesis that the simulated environment would facilitate broad brain function and be a 'better' learners environment than the conventional method.


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