Advertising Effectiveness


We all have connections to brands, products, places and these are stored inside our subconscious.  Getting the right big ideas is what matters.  Emotional advertising is NOT going out of fashion but what is, is the wrong type of emotional connections your ad is creating.  Using neuromarket research techniques you can identify if your campaigns are tapping into these networks.  Whether you are at the concept phase, in progress or need post evaluation, our neuro research can assess your TV, print, or out door ads to determine if they are in fact engaging, emotive and persuasive to your target audience.


We use both eye tracking and brain activity to conduct key scene analysis to maximise on screen effectiveness and cross channel opportunities.  Our second by second analysis identifies the moments of truth for product and brand placement to maximise the story line of your communications campaign.


The video above illustrates the Engagement of the ad (top line), the emotional connection (bottom line) and where in the brain these responses are occuring.  The eye tracking 'heatmap' shows what the viewers were looking at the specific second of engagement.