Remote Eye Tracking


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SMI Remote Eye Trackers are designed to support academic and professional research – on the screen, in the lab and in real-life locations.  SMI offers multiple desktop eye tracking hardware platforms to meet each of your research requirements.



250 Hz up to 2K Hz Remote Eye Tracking


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Conduct saccade-based studies inside or outside the lab with the extremely portable SMI remote eye tracking lab @ 250 Hz for researchers who require both mobility and high sampling rate.  Pictured above left is the RED250 mobile eye tracking system which is the highest rated mobile desktop eye tracker on the market.  Highly reliable, exceptionally portable to conduct highly scientifically grade research in almost any environment.   If you are looking for even higher sampling rates SMI has developed the RED iView 2K eye tracker.


The SMI iView 2K pictured right above is the next generation high performance eye tracking platform which combines ultimate data quality with a new level of versatility and intuitive use. It has been designed for all research areas with high quality data needs. The new platform delivers up to 2000 Hz true binocular tracking and can be deployed in three modes: remote, chinrest and MRI.



60 Hz Remote Eye Tracking


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The SMI REDn Scientific is lightweight and an exceptionally reliable 60 Hz scientific portable eye tracker that enables researchers to conduct fixation-based studies with a new level of ease and robustness.


The device connects to a wide range of PCs and Displays and weighs just 75 grams.


It can be taken to all locations including kindergartens, schools, hospitals, workplaces and homes to study participants in familiar surroundings.


Together with Experiment Suite Scientific – SMI’s experimental design and analysis software – REDn Scientific constitutes a comprehensive toolbox for a broad range of scientific studies. It features:

        - The extra-large headbox which means it works with the most restless participants

        -  High robustness for glasses and contact lenses

        -  Outstanding precision and accuracy based on SMI’s proven computer vision algorithms

        -  Easy interfacing with biometric data collection systems



60 Hz Professional Services Research


Get support at all stages of usability and human factors research with SMI’s dedicated software and hardware toolset in a 60 Hz portable eye tracking package.


REDn Pro for Market Research


Improve the impact of advertisements, commercials and package designs across all media. This toolset delivers key performance indicators in just a few simple clicks and also allows the augmentation of studies and reports with a wide range of behavioral performance and biometrical data, such as EEG, or cognitive workload.


Eye tracking is crucial in the improved ROI through visual and emotional impact for TV commercials, package designs,  online ads – mobile and fixed, product placement in music videos and movies, in-game advertising and more.

        -  With the SMI REDn Professional Packages for market research you –

        -  Improve impact of ads, commercials and designs across all media

        -  Perform easy analysis of dynamic web ads

        -  Get simple click executive summaries

        -  Create efficient design comparisons



REDn Pro Packages for UX


Eye tracking is an essential tool for studying usability of interfaces such as computer and tablet screens without interrupting the participant. This package is based on SMI’s REDn Professional eye tracker with a software package that has been specially optimized for this market. With SMI Eye Tracking it is easy to quickly create meaningful reports and convince stakeholders.

These packages are designed to improve the usability of  static and dynamic websites, software, wireframe prototypes and video games.

With the SMI REDn Professional Packages for usability research you –

        -  Improve design of interfaces easily

        -  Analyze users’ actions unobtrusively

        -  Create simple click executive summaries quickly

        -  Test dynamic web content rapidly