SMI ETG Gaze and Motion Package


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Easily Integrate SMI Eye Tracking Glasses into motion tracking applications using the optical head tracking module with VRPN server.


The ETG2w Gaze and Motion Tracking Package is an integrative solution to connect SMI Eye Tracking Glasses with external motion capture technology while participants enjoy full freedom of movement when carrying out real-life tasks. The package can easily be enhanced with active shutter glasses for realistic 3D user experience in VR environments.


Behavioral psychologists, neuroscientists and biomechanics researchers can assess hand-eye coordination – how it is learned, how it is optimized, how it is affected by disease, ageing or injury, and how it can be utilized as a rehabilitation tool.


The ETG 2w Gaze and Motion Package ensures fully mobile connectivity through its lightweight smart recorder and low latency synchronization with leading head and motion tracking solutions. 


       - Relies on most lightweight and proven SMI Mobile Eye Tracking technology.

       - Real-time streaming of 6D gaze vectors powered by A.R.T. technology. 

       - Low latency synchronization and optional upgrade to 120 Hz eye tracking.  

       - VRPN interface for compatibility with A.R.T, Natural Point, Qualisys, Vicon, WorldViz and others.