Seeing the world through the eyes.  The Mathematics of Sight.


Inner Truth has been working in vision sciences and neurosciences for a long time.  Eye tracking has been an integral part of the the business since inception.  But what is eye tracking?  We get asked that question a lot.  There are two part to eye tracking - capturing images of the eye as it moves and gaze estimation or the mathematics of sight.


In as simple terms as we can find, eye tracking is capturing the point of gaze or where someone is looking.  The process of capturing where someone is looking is achieved through high speed camera technology that takes pictures of the eyes as they move which are then used with the mathematics of sight.  


As the images of the eyes are captured through the use of computer processing and the mathematics of how we 'see', 'eye trackers' are able to provide a reasonably precise location of where someone has looked or is looking.  These mathematics make up what is called a gaze estimation algorithm which is what gives us the location of where someone is looking.


The outcome of an 'eye tracker' is a visual representation of where a person has looked often displayed as a picture with gaze points plotted on it or in a video that shows the moving gaze point as it moves around a stimulus.


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